Moroccan Born, Spanish artist Mohamed L’chacham just completed a stunning mural in the coastal Ca’n Picafort of the Spanish Island of Majorca. The mural was curated by Saladin Art Festival.

About The Mural

Entitled “Casa Laquita“, the mural was painted on one of the oldest houses in Ca’n Picafort, Majorca, which was recently classified as part of the historical heritage of the town. Paquita, the owner of the house and a retired painter, gave Mohamed permission to use one of her family photographs for the mural. The image that artist chose is that of her children 40 years ago in the exact place where the mural was painted, with keeping in mind the town’s small community of 200 inhabitants.

About The Artist

Mohamed L’Ghacham (1993) is a painter and muralist from Mataró (Barcelona), born in Tangier (Morocco).
Mohamed was always interested in the plastic arts. He discovered the world of graffiti during his school days  and years later he became attracted by the most classic painters and the language they use. His work is mainly figurative with a realistic character with Impressionist touches. He creates scenes from everyday life around him, combined with the visual imagery of late 20th century photography. He currently bases his works on a mixture of painting and classical techniques with the most contemporary muralism.
He participated in festivals and urban art projects in Italy, Spain, Morocco and has recently exhibited some of his paintings at the UrbanART Fair in New York.

About The Festival

Saladina Art Fest is a Urban Art Festival in Ca’n Picafort (Majorca). It aims at creating artistic interventions, generating links between the residents and the public space, with the hope that these murals will serve as a permanent open-air museum and a tourist attraction.
This year’s festival took place from the 6th till 8th of October and included the following artists: Sath, BYGJaume Roig and Mohamed L’chacham.

Images provided by the Artist.

Mohamed L’ghacham: website | facebook | instagram
Saladina Art Fest: website | facebook | instagram

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