Mona Tusz in Lodz, Poland

Mona Tusz in Lodz

Polish artist Mona Tusz just finished the fourth realization for UNIQA Art Lodz, a public art project organized by Lodz’s Event Center.

Mona Tusz in Lodz (2)About The Mural
Mona Tusz’s mural, entitled ‘The Longest Night of the Year’ is quite a unique and complex realization. The artist offered the flat wall a spatial structure using different materials and techniques. She took advantage of a low wide wall on which she painted first a navy blue background suggesting night. She then added two characters in black and white who seem at peace, rocked by a series of floating elements in colors. The whole composition, which is actually a relief mural with elements of stained glass, wood and metal, is reminiscent of a celestial scene.

Located at Gdańska 132 st., on a large and low wall, the mural can only be seen from a very short perspective whose purpose is to guide the eye towards the small details of the composition.
When the sun hits this South-oriented wall, the stained-glass elements interact with the sun rays and the 3 dimensional details start casting shadows, which offers the viewers a show in motion. At night, the mural is still interactive due to the lamps present in the composition.

About The Artist
Mona Tusz is a Polish artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Her art is generally characterized by richly detailed compositions and different textures.

About The Project
UNIQA Art Lodz is an artistic project in Lodz (Poland), curated by Michał Bieżyński and organized by Lodz’s Event Centre. The purpose of this project is to make art accessible to all the people by exposing it directly in the streets of Lodz.

Mona Tusz: web | facebook  
UNIQA Art Lodz: facebook

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