Moniker Art Fair, now the world’s largest urban art fair having tripled in size since last year, has announced a series of initiatives to make the art world more accessible and encourage those first-time art collectors.

Dulk in Wittenberg

This year’s line-up features over 100 artists from six continents, but gives room alongside international favourites to local London artists and young collectors, releasing a free print for those living in local post codes, while commissioning murals for the surrounding area for the enjoyment of the public.

Partnering with Innova Art and PrintPost, Moniker is giving away 500 limited-edition, hand-customised and signed prints by London artist Mr. Frivolous, a British-born illustrator already making waves in multiple exhibitions across America. The print, which celebrates the vibrant community in and around the heart of London’s East End, will be gifted to members of the public from postcodes local to The Old Truman Brewery.

Public murals will be created across the week leading up to the event and over the weekend itself, by acclaimed urban artists Dulk (Spain), Telmo Miel (Netherlands) whatisadam (Canada) and Ben Slow (London), leaving unique pieces of art on the streets while also exhibiting their works within the fair itself.

TELMO MIEL in Boras, Sweden

Fair Director, Tina Ziegler: “The unprecedented growth of the fair is proof that huge numbers of the public are ready to engage with art if they’re given the opportunity and encouragement. As we approach London’s Art Week, there’s certainly a sense that some sectors of the art world are for the most part only accessible to those with with higher salaries, whereas Moniker continues to challenge how we can capture the interest of the public whether that be through our outdoor mural program, or by gifting artwork to members of the community who live close to the fair.


“At even a basic level, tickets to Moniker start at £8, so it’s effectively cheaper to come and find out about urban art for the day than it is to go to the cinema in London. As it happens, we are even launching a film programme.”

Ziegler adds that the strong international influence on the fair has been a prime reason for it’s popularity, a sign that the art-loving public are as inclusive and globally-minded as ever.

“The art community is incredibly diverse, and our yearly growth has proven that if anything collectors want more from other cultures,” she says. “They want to understand the contemporary and urban art scenes, they want to see the messages finding their way onto walls in cities different to their own. I like to think of it as a middle finger to the likes of Brexit and Trump – it proves that a lot of people are still hungry to be a part of the wider world.”

Ben Slow in Vitry France

The international urban art world reunites this October 5th – 8th at The Old Truman Brewery, for the 8th edition of Moniker Art Fair.

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