A couple of weeks ago, Italian artist and gay rights activist MP5 was in Roubaix, France invited to participate of  La CONDITION PUBLIQUE project in occasion of the “STREET GENERATION (S)”festival organized in collaboration with the “Latitude Contemporaines” festival.

About The Mural

Titled Bright Room, MP5’s new mural is according to the artist a LGBTQI related work, a work about sexuality and freedom. Naked men gather together in a dark room and share experiences that not only deal with sexuality, but also the inherent arousal affiliated with it and the politics of gender and sexuality. When talking about the mural MP5 expressed:

“The sexual intercourse is not evident not because of censorship issues but because i wanted to celebrate the act of sharing such an intimate and deep matter as sex is.”

Since June is the month for Pride parades, she felt compelled to create a piece that could celebrate and express her admiration for the cause. The new mural was painted on a rooftop and, according to the artists,  is intended to “shine” like a lighthouse, also metaphorically speaking.

About MP5

MP5 is a muralist, illustrator, painter, but also an alternative comic book maker, mostly known for her large black and white murals with a clearly illustrative style. Her work is deeply reflective, and in her murals, there are remains of her political poster design, Eastern philosophy and a desire to communicate this thoughts with the viewer.
Her murals are expression of a unique style, emphasizing their contoured shapes which she paints in black and white, sometimes adding bold colors to it.

MP5: website | facebook | instagram

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