Interview: NATALIA RAK

The Circle Of Life

Born in 1986, A graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz, poland, Natalia Rak has been passionate about painting for the last 10 years. associated with street art for 2 years now.

She Participated in several group exhibitions in Poland, to name a couple:First Streetart Auction in Poland, Rempex Gallery in Warsaw. She mainly paints faces of women. And In her colorful paintings she creates mood, mystery and metaphor.


Art United States (SAUS) sat down with her and this is what she had to say.

Who is Natalia Rak?
Natalia is normal girl who believes that dreams come true.

Do you have a formal arts education?
I finished Fine Art Academy. During my studies  I was learning poster and package design, comics and illustrations, painting. 

Where do you work, what city?
I lived in Lodz for 5 years. After my studies, I moved to Warsaw, where I live and work now.

What inspires you?
All I saw in the past can have influence to my paintings in the future. I’m inspired by: dreams, old photos, travels,  people observation, films, normal day life, insomnia, book illustrations, music.

Who are you favorite classic artists and from what era and why?
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Jacek Malczewski, Norman Rockwell, Hans Rudolf Giger.
I like them because, they had unique style.  I appreciate Witkacy for his expression gesture, Malczewski for  his color palette and symbolism, Rockwell for how he shows emotions and narrative character of his illustrations, Giger for provoking  extreme emotions.

Are there any artists who particularly inspire you?
The aforementioned.

What was your most memorable “street art” experience?
I love to go back to the time when I was in Azores Islands. I was painting in the fishing harbor.  I felt I was in paradise and I realized that I’m a lucky person to do what I love in these beautiful places. 

Have you collaborated with street artists?
I didn’t work with street artist on the street, but I mad e two canvases with Bezt from Etamcru Group.

Have you participated in any street art festivals or special events?
I was on  few festivals and participated in few group exhibitions, for examples: Festival Walk&Talk in Azores, Festival “All you can paint” in Halle, Stroke Urban Art Fair in Berlin, Unfrisierte Gedanken Exhibition in Munich,  The Ride Gallery  in Savannah in Georgia, Scabb Festival in Turek, First Polish Auction of Street Art at Remex Gallery in Warsaw.

Do you have any favorite surfaces?
I work mostly on the two surfaces: wall and canvas.

What percentage of you time is devoted to art?
All of my time I devoted to art. Even when I go to sleep or I take the shower I’m thinking about my works, new ideas.

Is art the main source of your income?
I just quit my graphic designer work and I put everything on one card.

What street artists do you like?
In street art I appreciate the work of: Roid, Love Letters, Aryz and Robert Proch. I don’t like them only because they are street artist but  because they have their own style. I also admired illustrators such as: Vania Zouravliov, Jeremy Geddes, James Jean, Kent Williams, Andrew Hem, Tran Nguyen and Jeremy Enecio.