NEVERCREW in Grenoble, France

“Ordering machine”
Mural painting realized for Grenoble Street Art Fest in Grenoble (FR) 2016.

About The Mural
Following the structure of the building, the project was developed around the position of mankind related to nature, where on one side there are needs and belonging, and on the other side there are consumption and appropriation.
The attitude of privatizing natural resources and of inconsiderate exploiting are put on a delicate balance with the responsibilities that can determine a difference between persistence in damaging and change. The arrogant use for economical purposes and the claim of superiority are in the same hands of who can choose for social awareness and environmental safety.

About The Artists
NEVERCREW is a duo street artists from Switzerland AKA Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni.

They have been painting together since 1996. They both frequented the art school in Lugano (CH) and the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milano, graduating in 2005.
NEVERCREW work both with two-dimensional and tridimensional, realizing paintings, sculptures and installations. The main part of their process revolves around their “living structures”, mechanisms (intended in their purely mechanical or more figurative sense) that they consider as models of living systems and that are based on the idea of section, composition, communication and relationship between parts.
This path led NEVERCREW to develop their current approach and to create artworks in many cities of the world.

About The Festival
Street Art Festival Grenoble is an event that aims to be the most comprehensive street art festival in Europe. It was initiated by street art expert and a curator Jérome Catz of Spacejunk Art Centers. The festival offers an exhibition of street artworks which will be on display throughout the duration of the festival in the vast spaces of Ancien Musée de Peinture. The festival will also include a book fair dedicated to street art literature, a street art conference, a Q&A with the artists and many other activities.
source: Widewalls


Grenoble Street Art Fest:

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