The Swiss Duo NEVERCREW are very busy this summer as they just finished another masterpiece in Mannheim, Germany, curated by Stadt.Wand.Kunsts.

About The Mural

This mural is called “Propagating machine“, and it is NEVERCREW’s signature style and environmentally charged as it continues to investigates the balance between the elements, the relation between mankind an nature and how, within this relation, each element could affect the system of which it is part of, both in a negative or in a positive way. It is about the immediate effects and long term consequences that could seem not tangible, also about the importance of single acts or global attitudes towards the environment in which everyone live.

About The Artists

NEVERCREW is a Swiss street artists duo composed by Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. They have created murals, sculptures, installations since 1996. They generally show great concern for the endangered species in their works, usually painting whales or polar bears trapped/destroyed by the human attitude. This path led NEVERCREW to develop their current approach and to create artworks in many cities of the world.

About Stadt.Wand.Kunst

Stadt.Wand.Kunst is created in collaboration with the Cultural Office of the City of Mannheim and is sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg.
The idea was to invite national and international street art artists to create works of art on Mannheim’s large, free-standing facades in central districts. This is intended to give the contemporary art form a prominent place in Mannheim’s cityscape.

In addition, Stadt.Wand.Kunst promotes young artists by giving them the opportunity to show their talent in the local art scene.

NEVERCREW: web | facebook | twitter | instagram
Stadt.Wand.Kunst: web | facebook
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