October turned out to be an incredibly busy month for the Swiss-duo NEVERCREW. In between a heavy travel schedule, that included painting two new murals in California (LA) and Switzerland (Melano), they also found time to launch a brand new limited-edition print. Learn more about their two recent murals below and click here to check out “Realizing Machine N°3” now available for purchase.

Realizing Machine n°3 -Print

About the Mural in LA

The work NEVERCREW did in L.A consists of three interconnected paintings titled “Dimensional Recipe. Curated by Anne-Laure Lemaitre of FatCap, it depicts mankind’s relationship with creation. The floating moon-man is positioned upside down and connected to an umbilical cord-like device which we presume is his life-support that would connect up a space capsule. It signifies the mutual influences between creativity and reality, dangling by an anthropological loop that originates from this continuous correlation. It represents the feeling of being part of a system; of being a participant that, similar to how one can view this mural can conceive multiple perspectives for what it is as well for what it could be.

About the Mural in Melano

In coordination with Artrust, an organization in Melano that offers art programming and events, “Disposing Machine” focuses on ideas and principles behind social psychology. NEVERCREW uses the placement of image highlight the concept of perception in reality. Habits, attitudes and awareness that are conditioned by reality, and reality is conditioned by the perception everyone has of it. How we see these two objects positioned horizontally reflects the position of humankind in its environment and world simultaneously part of its nature and a point of view from which to perceive it. Systems are then interpretations that give human shape and definition regardless if it’s valid. They can be powerful in building and altering a reality that risks detachment from human sensing to a systems nature; a human reconstruction of something that exists outside this given shape but that still is directly subjected to each action that’s made on it.

About the Artists

NEVERCREW is a Swiss street-artist duo, Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. Since 1996 they have been creating murals, sculptures and installations. They generally show great concern for the endangered species in their works, usually painting whales or polar bears trapped/destroyed by the human attitude.
This path led NEVERCREW to develop their current approach and to create artworks in cities all over the world.

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