Recently the Brooklyn-based artist Beau Staton visited Nashville, Tennessee as part of the Nashville Walls Project to paint a new mural that brings attention to the waterways of Middle Tennessee and the value they bring to the area.    

About the Mural

Located on 5th Ave in Downtown Nashville, the 75X70 foot mural  shows a classic Greek Goddess pouring water from an urn, providing a home for three blue scaled fish swimming below.

As part of Rivive! Nashville stream stewardship campaign orchestrated by five local nonprofits that comprise the Nashville Waterways Consortium, the purpose of the mural is to bring attention to the waterways of Middle Tennessee and the value they bring to the area.

“Nashville started as a river city. From trade and commerce and transportation, that’s what attracted people here and got people here,” said Terry Cook, Tennessee State Director of the Nature Conservancy of Tennessee. “We think water should be one of the most valuable resources we seek to protect, even as we grow.”

Stanton spent about 10 days painting the mural, which was organized by the Nashville Walls Project. He said he often incorporates familiar, iconic images and presents them in contemporary ways. He chose a classical female for the Rivive! mural because it is an iconic figure and recognizes the city’s historical reputation as the “Athens of the South.” His mural also includes Gothic and Art Deco designs he has seen in Nashville.

About the Artist

Stanton is originally from California where he studied Illustration at Laguna College of Art and Design. He relocated to New York after graduating in 2008 where he continues to live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Constantly drawing inspiration from local nautical history,  his work has recently been shown in a 12th Century crypt, on the Berlin Wall, a Fiat 500, and in galleries worldwide.

A multi-disciplinary artist, Stanton’s work takes the form of paintings, murals, large scale installations, stained glass, mosaics, and multimedia animations.  Focusing on meticulous technique and craft, Stanton’s work is heavily informed by historic ornamentation, religious iconography, and classical painting.  A keen interest in iconic visual symbols and Jungian archetypes often provides the foundation for his images.

About the Nashville Walls Project

Founded by film producer and art advisor Brian Greif and his associate, Eva Boros, the Nashville Walls Project organizes initiatives that aim to place Nashville on the map as a destination for high-quality public art. Through efforts made by local muralists over the years, Greif believes it’s  primed Nashville to assume a role in the international arts movement. Working with local talent, and bringing in some of the world’s top street and graffiti artists, they will continue to transform the city through events, mural projects, festivals and exhibitions that provide visitors and residents access to remarkable artwork. 

Beau Stanton: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Nashville Walls Project: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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