The Swiss duo NEVERCREW recently visited the historic city Kiev to add to the ever-growing culture of vibrant street-art that’s developed over the last few years. Through the Art United Us project, their recent mural “Encumbering Machine” is a marvelous and compelling addition to the Ukrainian capital’s booming urban art district. 

About The Mural

In a dubious political system that swings humanity back and forth like a pendulum from damage to success, the mural is to shed awareness in the power of a unified society that focuses on global, social and environmental well-being. It has all the characteristics of a NEVERCREW mural, depicting a semi-inflated whale balloon encumbered with fixing lines. The whales’ movement is burdened by these fixing lines that operate its control. The culture created by mankind has reached a point that’s shown both consequences and new possibilities. The future direction lies within both the palms of humankind and the government that till now managed to work for their own survival and greed.

About The Artists

NEVERCREW is a Swiss street-artist duo, Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni. Since 1996 they have been creating murals, sculptures and installations. As animal activists, their work observes endangered species illustrated by painting whales or polar bears trapped/destroyed by the human attitude.

This path led NEVERCREW to develop their current approach and to create artworks in cities all over the world.

About Art United Us

Art United Us is an international project founded by Geo Leros and Iryna Kanishcheva. The purpose of the project is to collaborate with communities through artistic and creative mediums to raise public awareness and attention to the problem of war, aggression and violence. The project started in Kiev, Ukraine in the beginning of 2016.

NEVERCREW: website | facebook | twitter | instagram
Art United Us: website | facebook

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