The Bergen-based artist NIMI recently completed an amazing mural in Stavanger (Norway) for Nuart’s ‘Art City’ program: a new initiative outside of Nuart’s annual flagship festival.

About The Mural

Entitled “The Last Traveler”, the mural depicts a Nepalese Nomadic woman who has no home and no direction, with her baggage, culture and identity on her shoulder, wandering aimlessly. The artist wanted to give public recognition to all those who are currently caught in the global migration crisis, where the future is looking very bleak, and who receive minimal empathy from the western world. The artist has used a chiaroscuro effect to also incorporate and reflect the architectural elements of the four-storey car park that houses the work.

I applaud artists like NIMI, who wanted to pay tribute to those who were displaced by the devastating earthquake in Nepal back in 2015, that hardly got coverage in the western media.

Images by Brian Tallman

About The Artist

NIMI aka Naeem Searle is a Bergen based architect and street artist who likes to experiment with a variety of techniques, mediums and creative processes in his finely detailed murals and paintings.

About Art City

Nuart’s on-going ‘Art City’ project runs alongside and finds convergence points between Street Art and the region’s Smart City programs: the intent being to develop the region as an international ‘hub’ and destination for Street Art culture.
There’s no doubt that Street Art will eventually merge with Public Art programs in general. Nuart would like to be at the forefront of bringing about a convergence between digital media, new technologies and Smart Cities with Street and Public Art.

NIMI: facebook | instagram

Soapbox Moment

I don’t know why it is heart-wrenching  when we hear about a terror attack in Boston, Paris, or recently Manchester,  with media coverage around the clock, while at the same time innocent people are killed in Yemen, Syria, Iraq or recently the terror attack in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed over 90 people with minimal media coverage!
Is it that we simply don’t care or don’t relate or is it because we think our blood is more valuable than theirs?


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