‘Not as creepy as I seem’ by TelmoMiel in Dordrecht, Holland

The dutch duo TelmoMiel  just finished painting another dope piece entitled ‘Not as creepy as I seem’  in Dordrecht, curated by Stichting Dordrecht Street Art.

About the Mural

TelmoMiel said: “The picture we used as reference was from an old photo database, that had pictures of people in Dordrecht in the 1930-1940’s. This particular girl we saw perfectly fitted this wall, and because of the fact the girl was from there we could not resist using it as a base for our concept.
By looking at these photos we realized the overall feel of photography drastically changed over the decades. Nowadays people use their phones or in luxurious circumstances they hire a photographer for family portraits. But the feel is usually happy, smiling, or with a duckface here and there. The database we went through was filled with serious people in a clothing style that referred more to modern day horror films than wholesome family life.
In every case there is a kind of easily misinterpret-able factor ‘appearance’. She isn’t creepy though. Just like I’m not always angry, although i maybe appear to be.’’




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