2015 was another year of relentless news, much of it horrific, disheartening and brutal. A year of turmoil and drama that showed the worst of humanity. A year filled with beheadings, plane crashes and natural disasters. But it was also a year of outright triumph and success and reasons to be optimistic.

First off, Paris, welcomed the year and to some extent ended it with the two terrorist assaults that rocked the French capital.  The U.S. and other world powers reached a historic agreement with Iran to limit its nuclear activities in return for lifting crippling economic sanctions. The war is Syria that led more than a million refugees to pour into Europe.
Not to forget the mass shootings in the United States including San Bernardino, which led to Donald Trump defending Islamophobia, and suggesting to ban all Muslims entering the United States.
But also 2015 has seen some really good things, especially welcoming the refugees in Europe and Canada…

Anyway, I would like to thank YOU, street art lovers, for your continued love and support and would like to share with you Street Art United States’ own top 20 photographs most “LIKED” and “SHARED” by our facebook community.


1- Artist Valter Viana2- Artist Lenny Correa3- Artist Petr AngelushevArtists Gintautas Grusas ART and Jurgis Tarabilda ArtBanksy6- Artist NAFIR7- Artist Seth Globe Painter8- Artist Bane.9- Artist Spencer Tunick10- Artist YASH11- Unknow Artist12- Artist Thomas Dambo13- Artist David Zinn14- Artist Ladamenrouge15- Unknown Artist16- Artist Hopare17- Artist Gamma Gallery18- Artist David Zinn

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