Despite the improvement in global economy, 2017 was an unsettling year filled with unpleasant events. Between President Donald Trump, and catastrophic hurricanes wrecking homes and livelihoods, as well as high-profile sexual harassment…. It’s been a heavy year.

However, I believe 2017 brought more triumph than tragedy within the realm of street-art. The developer of NYC’s iconic graffiti site, 5 Pointz was found guilty of illegally destroying artwork. The opening of Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel and Museum in Bethlehem which is a eye opener on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and Samantha Robison’s work of aptART with the Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq that otherwise goes unnoticed because of the lack of coverage that it deserves.

Having said the above, I’ve been so lucky to be part of a global team of writers— that are incredibly articulate and driven, and care as much as I do about this magnificent, endless project we work on. I’m also grateful for our affiliates; from all the artists and curators we met at this years’ Art Basel Miami, to organizations like Street Art Mural ToursMichael Pisacane and his team that took us on a remarkable tour of public art around New Jersey and Upstate New York.  

It’s also why I was elated at the opportunity to offer a reflection on 2017, and announce our most “SHARED” and “LIKED” photos on Facebook; by our loyal, passionate community of artists and art lovers, which we would not be here without.

None of this is possible if not for YOU; the street-art lover, the artist, the fan, the collector, the gallery owner, the muralist, the creative…. Your continued love and support drives us to seek-out the best in street-art from all over the world.

Here are our top 20 pics of 2017-


20 | Artist: MonkeyBird
19 | Artist: Royal Dog
18 | Artist: Christina Angelina
17 | Artist: Adriano
16 | Artist: Hopare
15 | Unknown Artist
14 | Artist: Bruno Catalano
13 | Artist: Banksy
12 | Artist: Johnny Beerens
11 | Artist: Dazer Ramírez Guzman
10 | Artist: Mathias Mahling
09 | Artist: Seth Globe Painter
08 | Artist: Finbar Dac
07 | Artist: manumanu
06 | Artist: GÔMEZ
05 | Artist: Achilles
04 | Artist: Turbograff
03 | Artist: iHeart
02 | Artist: Mantra
01 | Artist: Greg Suits
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