“Pachakuti – if the walls could talk” is a documentary recorded on December of 2016 featuring Inti Castro in the city of Arica, Chile.

On december of 2016, Inti Castro arrived to Arica, as a border city in the northern part of Chile, which is for many people, the end of a long and homogenic country. Nevertheless, for others, is the continuity or front door to a South America plenty of mixtures and traditions, a transverse America that knows no political boundaries and grabs influences from the color of the Andean bronzes which land in the shores.

Pachakuti is a mural with a regional identity who turns Arica into the third city after Valparaíso and Santiago to have a big scale mural from the hands of this national artist.

Directed by Daniela Z. B.  & Gonzalo Navarrete.

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