Phlegm in Jacksonville, FL

In November of 2016, UK artist Phlegm created a new black-and-white mural for the first edition of Art (Re)Public street art festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

About The Mural 
All black and white and richly detailed, Phlegm’s mural is highly representative of his signature style. The mural was painted on a wide wall where only a door and a window are present. The viewer’s eye immediately focuses on the giant odd beast and probably questions its nature, and then notices the details around it. Working as a cartoonist and illustrator, Phlegm added a long time ago the art of details to his technique that he uses like embedded narratives in his murals. The whole composition is highly imaginative and its meaning is under everyone’s interpretation.

About The Artist
Phlegm is a world-known cartoonist and illustrator. He is also famous for his self-published comics and highly recognizable street art. Phlegm’s works are made out of a detailed composition suggesting a narrative structure and always feature odd figures. The majority of his characters originates from his comics and they are often painted onto the large walls of run-down factories. His art, in black and white, combines illustrations and graffiti influences.
Phlegm was born in North Wales and currently lives in Sheffield, UK. You can find his murals across the world, even if most of them are located in the United Kingdom.

About Art (Re) Public 
Art (Re)Public is a new street art festival in Jacksonville, Florida, founded and curated by Jessica Santiago. The expo from 11-13 November 2016 unveiled thirteen walls painted by internationally renowned street artists like Case Maclaim, Phlegm, Reka, INO, Cyrcle, Guido van Helten, Borondo and more.
Jacksonville is a city whose identity is synonymous with art and culture but which also dealt with division and suppression. The mission of Art (Re)Public is to establish Jacksonville’s urban core as a nationally-recognized Art District that will unify the community, elevate the creative spirit and raise the consciousness of the city through the universal language of art.

Photographs by Iryna Kanishcheva

Phlegm: webinstagram | facebook

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