Pichi & Avo in NYC

Last month, Valencia based Spanish artists Pichi&Avo left their imprints on the iconic Bowery Graffiti Wall on Houston Street in New York City.

About The Mural
The artists braved freezing temperatures and heavy construction to channel their unique style of clashing ancient gods and contemporary urban art in their stunning mural entitled “Urban Homeric Hymn to Poseidon”. This mural commemorate the artists’ 10-year anniversary partnership.
In a public statement the artists said:
We are excited about the opportunity to bring our ‘Urbanmythology’ to the Houston Bowery wall. It is an honor and we are very excited to share our artistic concept with New York and the world in a year where we celebrate 10 years as Pichi&Avo, enjoying and working together as one.”

About The Artists
Valencia based artist duo, are recognized for their ability to ignite relationships between art, sculpture, architecture, space and social contexts. Their style adopts a focus which is both beautiful and performative, firm in its discussion and totally the perfect deconstruction of classic art and contemporary urban art. Their reunion started in 2007 on the streets of their hometown bringing a spectacularly lucid splash of Mediterranean colors with Hints of surrealism, combining art, sculpture, architecture all in a single piece of work.
Their murals can be seen all over Europe and America with a strong with a strong museum presence in their native Spain, and gallery shows throughout Europe.

The Bowery Wall
is arguably one of New York’s most popular spots for public art with a history that goes back to the 80s when Keith Haring and Juan Dubose first painted it. But in 2008 real estate developer Tony Goldman started commissioning murals of some renowned street artists who put their stamp on that visible wall. Among those artist: Futura 2000, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Revok and Pose, Aiko, Cope2, Retna, JR, Faile, Maya Hayuk, Kenny Scharf, Logan Hicks and now Pichi&Avo.

Pichi&Avo: web | facebook | instagram | twitter
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