Polish invasion in Providence!

Adventure Time by Natalia Rak (2)Last week, Providence underwent huge transformation due to the invasion of the Internationally noted Polish street artists Bezt of Etam Cru and Natalia Rak, as they both graced the city with large-scale colorful murals exhibiting their unique and flamboyant styles, all that in preparations for the Providence International Arts Festival that happened June 11-14 on the Washington street Cultural Corridor.

With Natalia’s piece entitled ‘Adventure Time’ depicting femininity and childhood imagination and storybooks, saturated with bold colors. And Bezt’s Wall entitled ‘She never came’ portraying a feeling of deceit, never veering from Etam Cru’s signature style.
She never came by Bezt in PVDThis initiative in transforming Providence into an open air art gallery wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Yarrow Thorne of The Avenue Concept and Providence native Nick Platzer, owner and director of Inoperable Gallery in Austria, who is also the heartbroken man in Bezt’s piece.
Adventure Time by Natalia Rak

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