Blog: Rachel Sommer at 352walls

Rachel Sommer was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida. She got into street art after taking a gap year right after high school to travel around Australia. It was in Melbourne, Australia, where she started practicing in some of the lane-ways there and happened to stumble upon a Street Art Festival one day where she met a lot of other graffiti artists which then led to collaborations and commissioned work.


Mural Description:
For Rachel, the ocean and the birds represent freedom…it’s a girl just on the shoreline and she’s looking off into distance…So she’s very close to her, “freedom” but she has this giant cage of a clock around her and its trapping her…but there’s also all of these cracks in the clock so her cage is breaking away. The piece is about feeling like your stuck but also remembering that it’s just a mentality and that you are really always free. Having said all that; it is an untitled piece. I don’t usually name my artwork because I want each viewer to draw their own conclusions as to what it means so it will be more personal to them.


Mural Location: Gainesville, FL
For 352WALLS

Photography © Iryna Kanishcheva

Rachel Sommer

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