Whoever said Rock Music and Street Art don’t go hand in hand, Well, here is North West Walls to prove them wrong! 

North West Walls serve as permanent art installations in Festivalpark in Werchter (Belgium) since 2014 to coincide with Rock Werchter, Belgium’s greatest yearly summer Rock festival, and this year it takes place from Thursday June 29th to Sunday July 2nd. Close to 150,000 festival-goers found their way to Rock Werchter over the four days of the festival in 2016. This year’s line-up includes Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Kings Of Leon, Arcade Fire, Linkin Park, Blink-182 and many others.

About North West Walls

This project was conceived and curated by Arne Quinze in 2014, in Werchter, Belgium. It is a permanent art installation made out of an unusual and impressive constellation of shipping containers.  The containers are stacked in an organic, but very deliberate way to create three towers. Technically this was no small feat, because never before have so many containers been stacked in such an apparently chaotic manner. Metal sheets on the containers make the walls truly workable and suitable for all kinds of artistic techniques. Result: a 360° architectural canvas. The structure is designed to reflect the dynamics of the street but is also a clear reference to the structural chaos typical of Arne Quinze’s work.

North West Walls is a mark on the landscape that can be admired long after the festival period has ended.

A permanent installation that is different every year…

Under the curatorship of Arne Quinze, the North West Walls are brought to life by a new set of street artists every year. Arne Quinze has invited six massive talents for North West Walls 2017: Hoxxoh (USA), Phlegm (UK), Astro (FR), Telmo Miel (NL), Jarus (CAN) and Smates (BE).

About Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze began his career as a graffiti artist in the mid 1980s. His later work, from huge public installations to small, more intimate pieces, grew from the street art of the day. Not only that, but Arne Quinze sees an interwoven connection between street art and music. As curator and designer of the North West Walls he is now able to offer a platform, in an environment that lives and breathes music, for street artists from around the world.

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