Justkids recently closed its third edition of The Unexpected, taking place this year from July 23 through the 30th, bringing together world renowned artists including Mexican master muralist Saner and Ukrainian oneiric decoder AEC from the world famous duo Interesni Kazki to create larger than life art experiences in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

About The Mural

Entitled “Cross Over“, this mural is about the cross over of civilalisations, cultures and times. and also about the history of the area, it’s legends, and the modern times.
The left part, which is painted by AEC, is a vision of modern times: civilaliaztion of technical progress and multicultural, world of migrations, urbanization and of phenomena where everything  is ‘made in China’.

Right part, which is painted by Saner, is a image of native civilalisations of the past in general and of  that land in particular, with its strong culture and belive in harmony with nature and spirituality.

About The Artists

Saner AKA Edgar Flores is born and raised in Mexico City, where he discovered the world of graffiti as a teenager, which paved the path of his artistic career that led him to earn a degree in graphic design from the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico.
Using traditional imagery from his own cultural heritage, sometimes mixing it up with the ones from the countries he visits, Mexican street artist, illustrator and graphic designer Saner creates a distinctive vision of the world. His masked characters appear on walls, canvases, paper or found objects revealing the influence of Mexican customs and folklore.
His work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, from Mexico City and New York to Berlin, London and Barcelona.

AEC is a Ukrainian muralist part of the former duo Interesni Kazki. He is known for his surrealistic visual imagery. His work is inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and history, but also by current social issues that occupy his mind.
The duo began working together in 1999, developing a but they decided to go different ways in 2016, dedicating themselves to their solo projects.

About The Unexpected

The Unexpected project brings urban and contemporary art to Arkansas through immersive public art experiences. July 2017 marks the third edition of the annual event, bringing together works by Doze Green (New York), Circus Family (Amsterdam), Lakwena (London), Crystal Wagner (US), Felipe Pantone (Argentina), Saner (México) and AEC Interesni Kazki (Ukraine). The Unexpected consists of cultural exchange and community development through the production of world class public art created by the most recognized international artists. The Unexpected is a revitalizing action that encourages a bond to one’s environment and reveals Arkansas as an international epicenter for cutting edge contemporary art and cultural exchange.

About Justkids

JUSTKIDS is a dynamic interface that conceives, produces and promote s comprehensive art projects on an international scale with some of the most engaging artists, curators and strategic consultants. Founded in 2014 JUSTKIDS supports a diverse team of inspirational pros and upcoming talents to meet the demands of a constantly evolving audience, delivering public Art, gallery shows, Residencies and branding, offering new consumer experiences with top tier visual artists. JUSTKIDS is the creator and producer of some of most innovative large scale art events and the consultant for some of the leading Art institution and lifestyle brands.

Saner: website | facebook | instagram
AEC: website | facebook | instagram
Justkids: website | facebook | instagram
The Unexpected: website | facebook | instagram

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