Spanish artist Sebas Velasco was part of the great line-up of artists that participated in this year’s The Crystal Ship brilliant and contemporary art festival in Ostend, Belgium.

About The Mural

The Title of this mural is “Gie zie mien zeekapiting“, a song by a native Ostend singer called Lucy Loes.  This song is often sung by fans of the Ostend soccer team, and Sebas Velasco’s new mural was created close to the K.V. Oostend soccer stadium.
The piece portraits a fan who is wearing the jersey of the city’s soccer team. Despite the fact that the artist is not a fan of what the soccer organisation has become, he appreciates the game’s popularity for bringing all kinds of nationalities together for their common love for this sport.
In the background you can see the lighthouse of the port of Ostend. In this way, the artist wanted to create a sort of powerful and melancholic image.

“These are just some suggestions”, said the artist, “I don´t like to create closed meanings in my paintings, but rather leave it to the spectators’ imagination to come up with their own interpretations”.

Sebas Velasco-The-Crystal-Ship-Photo-Ian Cox

Sebas Velasco-The-Crystal-Ship-photo-Ian Cox (3)

Sebas Velasco-The-Crystal-Ship-photo-Ian Cox (4)

About The Artist

Spanish born, Sebas Velasco started in the graffiti world in 2004 as he painted the streets of his hometown.
Sebas Velasco defined his creative process while completing a Masters Degree in Painting at the University of País Vasco (UPV/EHU) in Bilbao.
His photographic, expressive brush stroke style reveals a precise academic technique that contrasts sharply with the rawness of the street content in his works. In that sense, many of his canvases act as a window for us into everyday moments where strangers are caught in the act with their writer friends. During these moments, darkness has become increasingly more important.

About The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival that specializes in public space producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals every year.
The Crystal Ship also represents a selected group of visual artists worldwide and responds to their needs in the ever-changing domain of art and culture.

Images by Ian Cox.

Sebas Velasco: web | facebook | instagram
The Crystal Ship: web | facebook | instagram

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