At this years’ annual FestiWall in Ragusa, Italy, Sebas Velasco painted a new mural titled “Il Suonatore Gino.” Now in its third year, the week-long festival includes live music, installations, street-art and workshops. It inspired the Spanish artist to pay homage to the musical and cultural ambiance that emulates the people and its city. It honored a local business owner, named Giorgio “Gino” Nobile.

About the Mural

As Enriqueta Arias eloquently put, ‘a universal language has beauty and sensibility.’ It doesn’t consist of words, but is expressed through sounds and visual art. Sebas painted a breathtaking image of a local man that he met on a casual encounter, named Giorgio “Gino” Nobile. He owns Magic Music, the only vinyl record store in the Italian city.
Call it fortuitous luck but a causal stroll led the artist straight to Gino’s shop while looking for music by Fabrizio de André. An old skool soul that lives by the motto of singer Il Suonatore Jones- a lyric “let the others to listen,” Sebas felt a profound connection to him. He centered the mural around his image to portray him as the sound maker. A symbol of the free-spirit with many memories that lived ‘La dolce vita.’ Adding an even more personal touch he painted some of records he found there in the background that surrounds his profile.

About the Artist

Born in Burgos, Spain Sebas Velasco entered the graffiti world around 2004 painting the streets of his hometown. He cultivated his creative acumen at the University of País Vasco (UPV/EHU) in Bilbao where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.
Velasco’s art often deals with an enviable naturalism technique. His “canvases” are mainly the walls and tables which he designs using oil, acrylic, spray paint and pencils. His studio work often is reflective of where he finds inspiration in the streets. His artwork has been exhibited both individually and collectively, and he’s received several awards that’s acknowledged his talents.

About the Ragusa FestiWall

Ragusa FestiWall is an annual festival that celebrates modern art. It features a myriad of avant-garde works and exhibitions, as well as workshops and live music. Gathering locals and tourists from all around the globe, it breathes culture into the urban fabric of the city, placing it among the landmarks for remarkable street-art in Sicily.

Images by Marcello Boccheri & Sebas Velasco.

Sebas Velasco: website | facebook | instagram
FestiWall: website | facebook | instagram

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