“Silence” by Elbi Elem in Barcelona

Elbi Elem created her own vision of silence using an extremely visual installation set in an abandoned place in Barcelona, Spain.

About the installation
The work, called ‘Silence’, is a visual installation which starts from a real sculpture of great size (320x160x100cm) suspended in the air. Made with different materials such as metal, wood, pvc or carbon fiber, it uses its own projection in a free way to generate shadows that sometimes synchronize with the original piece to represent an indefinite vision in constant motion. The superposition of the projected layers creates a hypnotic sensation in an infinite abstract landscape. When viewed, the rotating structure is thought to be made using digital techniques but the method is actually simpler, using only the projection of shadows on a white background. Elbi Elem wisely chose to work in an abandoned, melancholic, dark and empty place full of silence. Silence which breaks for a moment with this projection of light and this floating piece that moves and creates new forms in this empty space.

silence-by-elbi-elem-3silence-by-elbi-elem-2About the artist
Elbi Elem, until recently known as ‘Labuenaylamala‘ lives and works in Barcelona. She started making kinetic sculpture in 2002. She is specialized in what we can call ‘abstract nature’ with a clear interest in the creation, the movement and the volume of forms in space. She works with a large variety of materials and uses architecture and urban landscapes as a great source of inspiration. Elbi Elem uses 3D installations to make visual effects and create a new work out of their own projections.

Elbi Elem

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