SKAN in San Gavino Monreale, Italy

March 14, 2017
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SKAN in San Gavino Monreale, Italy

SKAN in San Gavino Monreale, Italy

Italian street artist SKAN painted a fascinating new piece in San Gavino Monreale (Italy), for Uno Spruzzo di Arte e Colore (One Spray of Art and Colour) association.

About The Mural

The mural is a pictorial representation of human figures that intersect, overlap and merge into a single large circle. These figures come from memories, and dreamy expressions of the artist that, through a personal language with surreal traits, are expressed in a non-spatial dimension, fusing classical and contemporary techniques.
The technical skills of the artist are accompanied by the artist’s personal sensitivity, are able to restore vigor, depth and life to the characters, alternating sharp lines in shades of predominantly warm colors.

About The Artist

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, where he acquired a traditional artistic education, Skan works in painting, graphics and street art by combining traditional techniques together with writer attitude. His work is fresh, full of quotes and symbols that span the human and animal anatomy, the fantasy of some childish drawings, the realism of the Flemish oil painting and compositional anarchy from surrealistic impression.

About Uno Spruzzo di Arte e Colore

Uno Spruzzo di Arte e Colore (One Spray of Art and Colour) is a cultural association based in San Gavino Monreale, a small town in Sardinia, an Italian island. The association’s purpose is to regenerate abandoned places and coloring the streets through urban art.
The interventions involve the whole population of the town, leading to a great example of public art and active citizenship, a phenomenon that comes from below and is self-financed. After several years of work in this regard, through various associations and events, the town of San Gavino Monreale became known internationally with various street artists who have grappled with the realization of great works. 

Images by Toto Casu

SKAN: facebook
Uno Spruzzo di Arte e Colore: facebook

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