Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock created his last recycled wooden assemblage in Ostend, Belgium, for The Crystal Ship event.

About The Mural
The last piece by Stefaan De Croock in Ostend is the biggest yet ever realized by the artist. His installation, entirely composed by pieces of recycled wood, is 9 meters (30′) heigh. As usual, Stefaan uses the wood found in the city where he realizes his murals and he never paints the wood, he uses it exactly the way he found it. In Ostend, he spent almost a month searching for the right wood. He used wood from local beach houses, studios, homes, schools, old boats and even some wood of a boat that flipped over in December last year. Two people died during that unfortunate event and Stefaan considers part of his work, a tribute to the fishermen and the dangers of the sea.

Stefaan De Croock - Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2017 (3)

About The Artist
Stefaan De Croock lives and works in Bruges, Belgium. He mastered in fine arts (graphic design) at Saint-Lucas in Ghent. He creates live works, recycled wood installations, commissioned illustrations and canvas paintings.
Since 2011 Stefaan fully dedicates his time to his artistic craft and project “Strook” in which he uses planks of recycled wood to create giant murals. His training and experience as a graphic designer put a clear mark on his artistic vision.

About The Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship is a contemporary art festival that specializes in public space producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals every year.
The Crystal Ship also represents a selected group of visual artists worldwide and responds to their needs in the ever-changing domain of art and culture.

Images by Ian Cox.

Stefaan De Croock: web | facebook | instagram
The Crystal Ship: web | facebook | instagram

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