Sunshine On A Swing by Hady Beydoun in Beirut

Hady Beydoun in Beirut - Photo by Jackie Hadel
“Sunshine On A Swing” is the title of a piece painted in Beirut by Hady Beydoun, a Lebanese tattoo artist based in Beirut.

Hady Beydoun in Beirut - Photo by Jackie HadelAbout The Piece
The artist depicts a girl on a swing made out of string made out of a plant, watering the almost dead bushes beneath her.  The artist wants to relay a message of hope which is an internal job, and we need a reminder from time to time. The girl represents the inner child in us, having fun (on the swing), watering the inner flower, adding color to an otherwise grey wall, therefor adding life to people’s everyday grind…

Hady Beydoun in Beirut - Photo by Jackie HadelHady Beydoun in Beirut - Photo by Jackie Hadel

Hady BeydounAbout The Artist
Based in Beirut, Hady started painting on t-shirts as a teenager and soon after, he taught himself how to use the airbrush and spray cans. He majored in graphic design at AUB (American University of Beirut) in 1996 and started tattooing at the age of 20 (1995).

He started experimenting in the Graffiti style in 1993, focusing on illustration style bordering on the realism. His street art works can be found in several places around Beirut.

Images by Jackie Hadel.

Hady Beydoun: web | facebook

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