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War Paint by DFace in Fort Smith, AR

JUSTKIDS, led by curator Charlotte Dutoit, continues its mission and collaboration with local non profit 64.6 Downtown to bring high quality contemporary art to Arkansas. This time guest artist UK Artist D*Face created a large-scale mural and a massive public sculpture made of five 40 foot long wooden arrows that each weigh more than 1,000 …


The Unexpected organized by 64.6 Downtown and curated by JUSTKIDS has just wrapped up its second edition held in North West Arkansas, from September 1-12. The artist line-up included Alexis Diaz, Okuda San Miguel, Guido Van Helten, Jaz, Pastel, Faith 47, Bordalo II, Cyrcle and returning artist Maser. Centered around 2 weeks, Unexpected, oversee by …