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Last month Australian Street Artist Matt Adnate and Canadian Artist Aaron Li-Hill got together in Bushwick and painted a mural commemorating the survival of the Tibetan culture. This mural was made possible with the help of The Bushwick Collective. About The Mural After the mural Adnate painted in 2015 of a Tibetan boy (pictured left) in …


ArtUnitedUs kicks off their 2-year project with Rustam QBic‘s ‘Labyrinth’ in Kiev, Ukraine. The mural depicts a character wearing a crown shaped like a labyrinth over his head who, guided by scarab beetle compass, tries to find a way out of a massive maze of life challenges. The mural reflects on the meaning of this journey, a journey we …


Adnate & Shida, Melbourne 2012 from Michael Danischewski Video production by Michael Danischewski