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Paris is an archaic city filled with breathtaking architecture and monuments. About an hour outside the city center in Grand Paris Sud, you’ll also uncover a stunning array of vastly growing street-art. Developed in 2015 by the Grand Paris Sud Seine-Essonne-Sénart conurbation, the Wall Street Art Festival has become an annual event that celebrates modern …


English born, Berlin based artist David Walker completed a beautiful mural last month in Lieusaint, south of Paris. This is the first mural of an ongoing project called Wall Street Art, with Gautier Jourdain as the artistic director, who is also the artistic director of LE MUR Oberkampf and the co-founder of  Galerie Mathgoth. About the …


Herakut was invited earlier this month by Galerie Mathgoth to paint their first mural in Paris, dedicated to kids. About the mural On the mural, one can read inscriptions in French (‘Ce message est pour les enfants…’) which means in English ‘This message goes out to the kids: even though these times make it hard …


David WALKER in Nancy (France) from Galerie MATHGOTH. The Berlin-Based David Walker was in France earlier this month to paint the first ever legal mural in Nancy.  After long negotiations with the mayor, Mathgoth gallery was able to bring David to paint his biggest mural to date with his signature technique using only spay paint without any brushes or stencils.


“Grounding Gratitude” by Jorge RODRIGUEZ-GERADA With “Grounding Gratitude” painted at the festival In Situ Art of Aubervilliers during spring 2014, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada sign one of the greatest portraits ever painted on the ground. She is Nicole Picquart, a social worker helping people to have better life. Galerie MATHGOTH