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Strange Bird by Lonac Early morning sessions at one of the walls in Manhattan by Lonac.


2014 has been a year filled with big news stories on race, politics, terrorism and privacy and much more, that have set the tone for 2015. We started off the year by Colorado making history, becoming the first state in the US to allow for the sale of marijuana for recreational use. Then Obamacare’s technical glitches and consumer confusion. …


ELEMENT TREE / THE L.I.S.A. PROJECT NYC Present: WE OWN THE FUTURE Feat. Shepard Fairey from SERRINGE Shepard Fairey and his team have completed a new mural for the “L.I.S.A. Project” titled “We Own The Future.” The mural, located in NYC’s Lower East Side, is a nod to seizing the day and utilizing skills and …