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Interview with Mantra

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Born in Metz (France) in 1987, Mantra is a self-taught street artist that has been painting in the streets since 2008. He grew up between the noise of the city and the whispers of the surrounding countryside. In his paintings and street canvases, the Artist pays tribute to his childhood heroes (butterflies, owls, spiders, birds…) in a …


On February 4, Dodo Ose, a French artist based in Montreal (Canada) and a member of the collective A’Shop, painted the famous Le MUR Oberkampf in Paris for its 227th edition. About The Mural  On a usual black background, Dodo Ose painted a light and hazy layer of red and blue. Then he added a fragmented …


Herakut was invited earlier this month by Galerie Mathgoth to paint their first mural in Paris, dedicated to kids. About the mural On the mural, one can read inscriptions in French (‘Ce message est pour les enfants…’) which means in English ‘This message goes out to the kids: even though these times make it hard …


INTI – Sudaka en Paris from graffiti valparaiso