The Dutch duo Telmo Miel are currently in Australia where they have just finished another powerful mural for the 2017 Wonderwalls festival in Port Adelaide, Australia. 

About The Mural 

Entitled “Knight in Shining Armor”, the wall shows a kid stopping a truck from running over a koala. With his polished helmet, red cape and heroic action, the kid is presented like a modern knight, hence the title of the mural. The phrase, which sends us back to the period of gallant knights saving maidens in distress, has been modernized here: not only young ladies need to be saved now.

The mural clearly alludes to the children’s environment with the use of candy colors, the predominance of curves and the figure of the half-toy / half-real truck.

The artists wanted to point out all the roadkills happening in the country and especially in this area, hoping their painting could draw the drivers’ attention. In the mural, the vehicle has no driver so no one seems responsible for it.

Telmo Miel’s next destination will be the city of Perth where we should expect another great mural.

About The Artists 

Telmo Piper and Miel Krutzmann are Rotterdam-based artists. In 2007, Telmo, a licensed illustrator and designer, met Miel, who was already active in the graffiti scene. The official start of the collaboration will, however, be dated later in 2012, after both had completed the Academy of Art.
The two artists work with a photo-realistic style with lots of contrasts. They work separately on ideas for murals and come together with the sketches to see if combinations can be made. The result is usually very surrealistic, with attention to detail. They always work on the same piece together and are able to switch places when ever wanted or needed.

About Wonderwalls Festival 

Wonder walls is a 3-day street art and graffiti festival that consists of an art exhibition, free tours, free artist talks and a lunch party. Local and international artists are present like INTI, Natalia Rak, Jimmy C and Telmo Miel. Murals from 2015 are still visible in the area.

Telmo Miel: web | facebook | instagram
Wonderwalls: web | facebook

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