“The Alpha Project” by RONE in Melbourne

“The Alpha Project”, RONE‘s Latest offering, is a wall series of his beautiful women realized inside the machine rooms of the old Alphington Paper Mills, in Melbourne, before the mills’ demolition.


The ephemeral feature of street art finds an emblematic example in “The Alpha Project”, the latest work by RONE. The Australian artist has worked in the machine rooms of the Alphington Paper Mills, in Melbourne (Australia), creating a series of works with the knowledge that they would be destroyed with the demolition of the old building.
The iconic brick building will make way for one of Australia’s largest urban renewal mini-suburb, YarraBend.
This work is part of the “Empty” series which was unveiled last year and examines the themes of beauty and decay. These murals continue in the artist’s tradition to choose abandoned houses and buildings around Melbourne, where the artist creates his pieces. The only way to see these works is through photographic and video documentations offered by the artist.
The concept to document street art prior to its imminent removal takes the discipline to a new level that has been recognized by the arts community via the addition of RONE’s “Empty” in the National Gallery of Victoria’s permanent collection.


Collingwood based artist RONE, whose full name is Tyrone Wright, is known for his large scale portraits of beautiful women, painted in a heroinic, almost cinematic style. Rone’s work attempts to locate the friction point between beauty and decay, the lavish and despoiled, creating an iconic form of urban art with a strongly emotional bent.
RONE is part, with other artists, of the Melbourne based group known as Everfresh which creates iconic characters and visual narratives with the same intense color and using different street art and graffiti techniques.
RONE’s works are commissioned throughout the world from New York and Paris to Port Villa and Taipei.

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