Ukrainian artist WAONE, formerly the other half of Intersni Kazki, was part of the artists line-up for the 3rd edition of the brilliant Jidar – Toiles De Rue urban festival in Morocco’s capital Rabat. It was Waone’s proud achievement to finish ahead of schedule by applying some skill developments to his full color mural painting.

About the Mural

Entitled “Magician Of Maghreb“, this mural depicts a berber sitting in the most common “oriental pose”, in his classic bright indigo djellaba while doing some magic ritual with music, maghrebi mint tea and dancing dervish (which represents a nomadic sufi, who brought Islam to that region). The artist added that Witchcraft and shamanism are enormously developed in Morocco, according to the internet.

Waone was impressed by the history and culture of indigenous white people of the Northern African region that goes back more than 11 thousands years.  Different sources say that the berbers had preserved their culture essentially unchanged despite the conquests of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. When the artist saw their modern alphabet, it reminded him of some cosmic hieroglyphs or prehistoric petroglyphs that he saw in the museum of Vatican.

About The Mural 

As his name says, WAONE Interesni Kazki (Intersting Tales) creates images where spiritual and imaginative meet everyday reality. Inspired by surrealist painters, Ukrainian folk history and fairy tails. His art is a product of fantasy, visualized through style of contemporary muralism. Working with acrylic on murals and canvases, as well as ink on paper, he thinks what makes his art unique: a concept, an idea, and symbolism. The three of the most important elements of storytelling that the artist convey through his works. There is also life, energy, the spirit and soul of the artwork, but as a perfectionist, WAONE highlights the importance of the perfect technique. As he is always pushing himself to do his best, he particularly pays attention to details even if they are unnoticed.

About Jidar – Toiles De Rue Festival

Jidar – Toiles De Rue is an urban festival in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. The aim of the festival is to celebrate both street art and public spaces. This was the third edition that took place from 21st until 30th of April. This year’s annual event was being held under the theme of multiculturalism.
The international festival included artists from several countries including Morocco, Spain, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt and Mexico, who created their walls on building facades and other structures of the city.

WAONE: web | facebook | instagram | flickr
Jidar – Toiles De Rue: web | facebook | instagram

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