The British based Street Artist Wasp Elder, was recently invited to take part of the Odessarium – murals project in Odessa (Ukraine). Despite the difficulties and the pressure to get his wall finished, he was able to deliver a stunning mural.

About The Mural

Wasp Elder uses a photographic reference for every painting he makes, because photographs are the most accurate representations of our reality and have the capacity to highlight some of the most tense political problems that arise globally.

For this mural the artist chose a picture that he searched online that shows an old Ukrainian man focused on making his fishing net, connecting and weaving the lines of thread to create a whole. A young girl looks out into the complexities of the landscape, uncertain but stoic and strong. Old and young together, opposing ages, together in search of connection.

About The Artist

Wasp Elder aka Sam Worthington was born in the UK in 1986. His work is populated by enigmatic souls and unstressed backgrounds, enticing a sentiment of an obscure journey. His drawings, paintings and films present an evocative combination of solitary figures, collaged scenes, close-ups, obscured features, and potential catastrophe.
Through this working process he is able to present often marginalized figures through a dignified representation. Highlighting their humanity outside of the conflict that is seen to define them.

Wasp Elder: website | facebook | instagram

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