WASP ‘Muro contro Muro’ for Urban Art Field

The Italian artist crew WASP just sent us a few images of “Muro contro Muro” their latest street piece, recently painted for Urban Art Field.

About the mural

When asked about the meaning behind their piece, WASP answers: “Two hands try to touch one another but they can’t as if they lived into parallel universes; this idea is emphasized by the different colors of the background and by the clean cut that, like a wall, divides and hides a section of the fingers of both hands.”
The mural expresses according to the artists a desire for contact, a desire to touch and embrace each other in order to express our feelings. In an increasingly digitalized world, physical contact and presence becomes a rare commodity. Human relationships loosen up, conversations lack a much needed context, online contact falls short on empathy, at the same time that technology fails to deliver that “personal touch” we apply to things when we interact with people in a physical situation. Something goes missing.
As expressed by WASP, the sense of touch is the only sense that allows us to connect directly with people and objects. They also highlight the feelings this kind of interaction arises and that are supposed to be perceived as as compassionate and physical as possible. Two hands trying to grasp each in an effort to establish a bodily connection.

About WASP

WASP stands for “We Are Stupid People” and is the name of an Italian graffiti crew created by Eddyone a.k.a. Edoardo Kucich and Ride a.k.a. Gabriele Guareschi who have been collaborating since 2007. In the very beginning, there were three of them, Eddyone, Ride and Trai, but Trai left the crew after a while. Since then, they have been painting together, each of them in their own styles. It was in 2015 that they decided to become part of the street art scene in order to be able to communicate their social awareness and engagement through their art. Each one of our projects is conceived to be a mirror of our time.

More about WASP on facebook | instagram

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