Well-executed public art can add vibrancy to a neighborhood. Especially from an artist like WD (Wild Drawing), renowned for his ambitious 3D designs on large-scale walls. Recently he applied his highly unique style to paint ‘Helixotherapy,a stunning mural for the Rotterdam Street-Art Museum.  

WD’s conceives his ideas by interacting with the spot where he’s working and applying the various elements that exist around.  To create ‘Helixotherapy,he harmonized the curved surface of the building’s structure, edged with windows into a multi-depthed portrait.

If you’ve stumbled across his artwork surfing the web, sifting through pages of international street-art books or had the pleasure to witness his realistic techniques in-person at festivals or solo and group shows… he’s an undeniable  mastermind of awe-inspiring public art.

I recently got in touch with WD via email and sent him a few questions.

Hey WD, how is it going? For people that don’t know you or your work, could you give them a little bit of background?

I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, and currently based in Athens, Greece. I have both a  degree in Fine Art, and in Applied Arts. I began painting in the streets around 2000. Almost two decades later , my work can be found all over Asia, Europe and America.

I’ve  been following you, and your work for years. It’s been incredible watching you evolve into this brilliant 3D master. Is it important to pick the right wall in order to get the full 3D effect? Or, will any wall do?

The full 3D effect of a mural depends on three factors: the shape of the wall, its surface and the surroundings. Generally speaking, every wall has the ability to become a canvas for a 3D mural. The only difference is that some walls are easier to get optimal results than others  because of their nature. It can actually be quite difficult to find the best idea for a 3D illusion mural. For example, a wall with a lot of windows like the one in Rotterdam. But when you find that great idea, everything flows!

You recently finished painting Helixotherapy in Rotterdam. What was your experience like working with Rotterdam Street Art Museum?

Once again, I had the chance to meet and work with incredibly positive and creative people. It was a great experience and the perfect collaboration… thanks guys!

What do you think about the neighborhood you painted in?

It was an awesome neighborhood; Multicultural, diverse, multi ethnic and wonderful people. I really enjoyed it.

Tell us about the concept of this artwork,  how did you come up with it?

The challenge of this mural was how to give depth in a narrow wall flanked by windows, and then paint something imaginative, serene and optimistic. I hope people really enjoy this mural and can feel the message I had in mind!

Is there any connection between the concept of your artwork and the neighborhood?

No actually there’s not any special connection. Only that I  wanted to leave a positive and imaginative mural in the neighborhood.

Images by the artist.
Introduction text by Rachel Margolin.

WD Street Art: website | facebook | instagram
Rotterdam Street Art Museum: website | facebook | instagram

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