Street Art United States is a global community that believes in the power of public art. What binds us is an enthusiasm and dedication  to bring artwork of the highest caliber to audiences around the world.

We convey this message through imagery, text, symbolism, and to instill a sense of hope, and history, through creative expression which unfortunately is muffled and sometimes oppressed. We often focus on projects that have a strong message related to relevant issues such as injustice, poverty, violence, racism and the environment.

Through our content, street-art gallery and well over 150,000 social media followers and fans worldwide, we aim to support and build artist communities in every way possible. Via our Boston base, we organize mural projects and host local and international talent who have contributed to the flourishing street art scene in the city.

If you are reading this, perhaps you share the same passion and interest that we do, which some might still consider vandalism. We believe a splash of color brings identity and character to our neighborhoods and cities.

Please feel free to drop us a line, or email info@streetartunitedstates.com for news tips and potential coverage on our site.

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