Blog: Herakut in Jordan

The German duo is currently in Jordan invited by AptART and the French organization ACTED, participating in the three month project which runs through April 2014, builds on previous work with Syrian youth, refugees and internally displaced persons in the region. International (Ruben Sanchez, Luc van der Walt, Jumana Hokan, David Shill-inglaw, Jonathan Darby, and Samantha Robison) and local artists in collaboration with Syrian and Jordanian youth are creating 30 large scale public art pieces in Jerash, Ajloun, Irbid, Mafraq and Za’atari Refugee camp. 50% Off Sale

Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 9The new pieces  Herakut painted in  Za’atari, the world’s second-largest refugee camp, in collaboration with local kids for whom the event was created for.

These new murals are the first results of this wonderful project which is bringing smiles to the faces of many kids in the area. Don’t forget to check out the amazing pictures on Herakut’s travel blog

The collection of artwork created during the project will be exhibited in Amman to commemorate three years since the Syrian uprising began. More information on dates and location to be announced.

AptART is a group of artists and activists working to give marginalized youth a creative outlet with the aim of improving the difficult environments in which they live. AptART has joined forces with ACTED, UNICEF and ECHO (The Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department of the European Commission) in host communities throughout North Jordan. ACTED is currently responding to the Syrian refugee crisis by supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 5
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 3
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 4
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 8

Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 16
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 15

Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 10
Herakut at Zaatari, Jordan 14
For more information about this project, please contact and for more information about what ACTED, UNICEF and ECHO are doing to respond to the Syrian crisis more generally, please visit, or

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