Spanish Artist Dulk was in Manitoba (Canada) to paint a mural in “The polar bear capital of the world” Churchill, which is the most remote place the artist has ever painted in. The project was supported by SeaWalls and PangeaSeed Foundation.

About The Mural

Entitled “The last winter” is about the growing melting of the Arctic, caused by global warming, that threatens the survival of polar bears. Polar bears need ice to walk, hunt and breastfeed their young ones. If there is no ice there is no rest, no food, and death begins to persecute these animals. The melting of the blocks forces them to swim for hundreds of miles, which poses a great risk to the puppies. This mural painted in Churchill, Manitoba (Canada), which is considered the polar bear capital of the world, represents the forced journey of a family of bears and belugas in their last winter on earth. The cub grabs its iceberg treasure, which helps it escape the human threat on earth.

The constant environmental threat is always present in Dulk’s work. The representation of threatened animals and alteration of climate change in their natural habitats is something that fascinates the artist.
Dulk always focused his work on the analysis of the conceptual development of the morphology of the wildlife. He often finds myself in a stage where he is analyzing the situation in which these inhabitants of the planet are found, of whom we feel owners for no reason at all.

Dulk talks in detail about his art in our interview here.

About The Artist

As a child, Antonio Segura Donat (Dulk) helped his father to feed the birds they raised at their home. He loved watching the fledglings and seeing them grow, as well as the fish, dogs, and horses that lived on the property. When he wasn’t out and about, he copied illustrations of exotic animals that he found in his parents’ collection of old encyclopedias. And he took his sketchbook with him everywhere from then on. At the age of eighteen, a close friend persuaded him to tackle the walls of the city and suggested he take the pseudonym of Dulk. He then started a diploma in economics, but dropped out in the first year to study illustration then graphic design at the University of Valencia. Today, Dulk is an all- purpose artist. Between urban art, drawing, painting, sculpture or advertisement, each medium is a challenge that he takes up with pleasure and determination. He participated in a lot of group shows around the world in cities like Vancouver, Miami, New York, Brussels, Paris or Chicago. His world is a surrealistic landscape full of imaginary details, rising up in factions against humans. Maybe they are wanting to warn us of Earth’s bleak future following an environmental catastrophe.

About Sea Walls

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is PangeaSeed’s groundbreaking public art project that brings the oceans into the streets around the world.
The project involves some of today’s most renowned contemporary artists to create large-scale public murals that address pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing by forging a synthesis between public art, nature, and society. Sea Walls aims to engage with the local community to foster a sense of pride and ownership for the murals, and above all, for the health of their local marine ecosystems.

About PangeaSeed Foundation

PangeaSeed Foundation’s mission is to harness the power of art, science, and creativity to generate awareness and stimulate dialogue to inspire and effect positive change surrounding global ocean environmental issues. PangeaSeed Foundation aims to unify and connect individuals around the world, opening a dialog to share ideas and develop a better understanding of our connection with the oceans. PangeaSeed Foundation believes that art, design and new media can transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries, inspiring positive global change. PangeaSeed collaborates with today’s most influential creative minds to help give the oceans the voice they so desperately need.

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