As part of the Wall Street Art festival in Grand Paris Sud, Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB has just finished a 25 Meters (82′) high mural in the city of Evry, the main commune of Grand Paris Sud, in the Pyramids district.

About The Mural

After his project “Tracing Morocco” with Moroccans, Hendrik BEIKRICH begins a new project on Siberians who live around Lake Baikal. DARYA, which is this mural is about, is an 83 years old woman who lives in a tiny village (5 houses).

But more than knowing where a person comes from, for the artist, the most important thing is to know who she is. This is why Hendrik paints only people he met and with whom he took the time to live several days, to better understand them and appreciate them.
The history of a country is always easier to understand through its inhabitants, their lives and their faces. There are no societies without the elders. Also, do not be afraid to put them forward and pay tribute to them.
The German artist likes to paint people of a certain age. Far from Photoshop and the smooth portraits that advertising offers us, these faces have things to tell. Many things!

About The Artist

German artist Hendrik Beikirch, also known by his alias “ecb”, creates eye-catching works of documentary and fictional portraiture that traverse the personal and the private. his distinctive monochromatic wall murals and interior works for galleries and museums confront viewers with richly storied subjects that fascinate through their sheer force of personality. at once anonymous, quotidian and enchanting in appearance – each of Beikirch’s figures has a story to tell. more than mere subjects, we find in his works genuine characters, made all the more fascinating by their anonymity. the reduced color palette and striking contrasts that characterize Beikirch’s portraiture underscore the vulnerability of his subjects, while the scale of these works invites viewers to consider the relationship between individual and society, viewer and subject, public and private.

As part of this new project, including Evry, the artist will make 11 frescoes all around the world: Russia, Germany, United States, Italy, Pakistan, Greece, Netherlands, South Korea, …

About The Project

The street art festival of “Evry centre Essonne”  started in 2015 and welcomed about  fifty artists in the six cities of the conurbation. The cluster of municipalities has grown from 6 to include 24 municipalities and is now called GRAND PARIS SUD and the street art Festival has undergone some changes and has a new name, “Wall Street Art“.

After David Walker and ECB, this project will host a slew of talented and renowned street artist including Case Maclaim, Fintan Magee, C215, Astro and many others. So be sure to keep an eye out.

ECB: web | facebook
Wall Street Art: facebook | instagram | twitter

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