featured artist: Shay Culligan

Shay Culligan

is an Irish-born visual artist, residing living in Boston. He currently works in the serigraphy medium, screen printing his own photos onto a variety of media including canvas and paper stock. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, Culligan was initially a classically trained painter in oils, practicing a representational style in both portraits and landscapes. Since transitioning to serigraphy Shay’s work covers a variety of subject matter, including social commentary and urban interpretations. He is an outspoken critic of the corporate-controlled power structures which he claims exists only to serve the elite 1% at the expense of everybody else. Likewise Culligan is also critical of the art industry elites whose agenda he claims is built around controlling the vast money flow bubble at the top of the dealership/museum ladder while they peddle mediocrity to clueless oligarchs while the vast majority of talented visual artist are excluded from the contrived mainstream narrative. Stubborn, defiant, and sometimes abrasive, Culligan panders to nobody while he pursues his singular vision of reality in the here and now. 


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