New York City based Italian artist Giorgio Casu , just finished painting a 220 sqm mural in San Gavino Monreale (Italy) for the Skizzo Association.

About The Mural

Giorgio Casu spent 10 days in Sardinia, Italy, where he painted a large-scale wall with the help of the local people.
The piece depicts Persephone, a mythological figure in Sumera then in later Greek and Roman mythology, daughter of Zeus, also called “Kore”, name from which the artwork’s title is taken. Persephone has often been depicted with a pomegranate in her hand, as according to the legend she ate six seeds not knowing that whoever ate fruit in hell, where they would have remained. In the mural Persephone returns to Earth after spending six months in hell. The work therefore presents a moment of personal introspection that speaks of rebirth, light and Spring. The Goddess, in fact, is surrounded by pomegranates and flowers inspired by Italian artist Botticelli’s Spring.
As Ade for Botticelli, also Persephone is painted in black and white because she’s coming out by the hell.

For the female figure, Giorgio Casu was inspired by other walls and canvas productions in the United States. Other elements present on the wall are: the cerber (a symbol of the sensitive and fragile woman), the fox (that represents Ade), Middle Eastern blue peacock (a symbol of Spiritual elevation) and the blue butterfly (a symbol of the metamorphosis). Near Persephone there is also a hummingbird (emblem of knowledge and wisdom) painted by Daniele Pillitu.

About The Artist

Native of  Sardinia, Italy, Giorgio Casu, or Jorghe as he signs his works, is a contemporary artist, based in New York City. After working in a psychiatric center and with children as a professional educator, art teacher, and therapist, and after founding a comic association in Italy, he began focusing on his art career in 2002. He embarked on a 5-year long journey, throughout the UK, Australia, South-East Asia and the USA from which he drew inspiration for most of his early works.
Giorgio’s acrylic paintings, for which he is best known, have been shown in major events and galleries  around the world, including the White House, where he presented his portrait of the president Obama in 2010.
His art extends well beyond the canvas. While living in Australia, Giorgio partnered with the Revolution Surf Factory and Museum on a design of the original surfboard collection with his distinguished artistic style called “Magical Realism”. More recently, together with his jewelry design Made in Italy, his art has been commissioned by European watch brand Playwatch, for their limited edition. He worked on the design of a new line of electric guitars called the Butterfly and a series of ceramics.

About Skizzo Association

Skizzo Association is a non for profit cultural organization based in San Gavino Monreale, a small town in Sardinia, Italy. The association’s purpose is to regenerate abandoned places and coloring the streets through urban art. The interventions involve the whole population of the town, leading to a great example of public art and active citizenship, a phenomenon that comes from below and is self-financed.

After several years of work in this regard, through various associations and events, the town of San Gavino Monreale became known internationally with various street artists who have grappled with the realization of great works.

Giorgio Casu: website | facebook | instagram

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