Valencia based artist Hyuro just finished painting a mural in Berlin (Germany) for “What in the world” Project curated by Evan Pricco of Juxtapoz Magazine for URBAN NATION.

About The Mural

Like many of Hyuro’s murals, the woman’s face is this mural is hidden, and the main reason is to make it easier for people to identify with the image represented. Hyuro thinks that faces are a strong identification part of our body, and can make some people feel excluded, whereas the body can be more kind as a popular language.

For this mural Hyuro added: “It has been said that Berlin is planning to build a wall to protect the Berlin Wall, partly from the tourists who feel the need to bring home a piece of the wall as a souvenir. However, one of the lucrative businesses in Berlin are the pieces of Wall that are sold in stores as souvenirs to take back home.
All this brought to think in the need of possess that we have as humans, to own, to have exclusive control of things.
Apart from this, thanks to Nika Kramer for the chat, as I’ve got to know some protests that took place in the capital following the withdrawal of several segments of the wall is to facilitate access to the construction works of a luxury skyscraper. I think this image can work quite well along with this last story”.

About The Artist

The Argentinian born, Spanish based street artist Hyuro is know for blending politics and historical struggles in dreamlike compositions, depicting women and figures that are often decapitated, that suggest a message or narrative but leave most interpretation up to the viewer.
Hyuro began her career working on the canvas and continues to produce paintings and drawings, but in recent years has focused her practice on the streets of Valencia, Spain and Throughout Europe.

Image by Ian Cox

Hyuro: web | facebook | instagram

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