La Mare by Mohamed L’Ghacham is the seventh (and largest) mural designed to date in the TEST series for Mostra d’Art i Creativitat in Villarreal 2019.

Mohamed L’Ghacham (Tangier, 1993) descended upon Valencia last week to get to work on his 25 meter high x 12 meter wide ‘canvas’ located on a seven-story housing estate wall on Jaume Roig Street in the city’s Northern Quarter. The artist has already transformed walls in Belgium, Portugal, Morocco, Switzerland, the United States, Italy and France: not a bad track record for this 26 year old!

This new mural La Mare was inspired by photos of everyday family life in the neighborhood. Mohamed made his selection from the dozens of private photo albums given to him by Villarreal residents, slices of life that were never intended to be anything more than simple family snaps.

The artist says, “I always have the idea of focusing my photographs as a documentary and not as a fiction film. I am interested in that nostalgic point of reflecting life before I came to the building. In general, since I paint in large formats on public roads, I try to contextualize everything I do in the place where I am. I get in touch with someone who is in contact with people near the building to “camelármelos”, because what I like most is to reflect everyday life.”

His latest creation extends the TEST series urban art gallery to a total of seven works, along with pieces by Pantone, Borondo, Escif, Sam3, Louis Lambert (3TTMan) and Argentina’s Hyuro.

Patriarcado created by Hyuro (sixth mural in the TEST series) was listed in 10 Influential Murals in 2018 by Street Art United States.

Aside the murals by international artists, The Mostra d’Art i Creativitat of Villarreal has turned into an indisputable platform to launch Valencia’s emerging artistic talent. It opened its doors on March 9 with a collective exhibition by Jesús Monterde (photography), Ana Císcar (painting- collage-installation) and Luce (multidisciplinary art). The exhibition runs at El Convent Espai d’Art in Villarreal until May 25.

Images by castellonplaza and the artist.

Mohamed L’Ghacham: website | facebook | instagram
Mostra d’Art i Creativitat: website | facebook | instagram

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