JDL in Amsterdam

JDL in Amsterdam

Dutch Artist JDL just completed a modern day Adam and Eve mural in a building that looks like church and that was once served as a gas distribution station in East Amsterdam.

About The Mural
In this mural the artist depicts what she thinks a modern day Adam and Eve would look like, with the apple logo on Adam and a Calvin Klein campaign model-like with a snake wrapped around her like a fur coat, in front of industrial and city landscapes.

It is the artist’s interpretation of the expulsion of paradise with emphasis on how capitalism, industrialization destroy the natural resources.
In preparation for the mural, the artist said:
“I was researching industrialization and capitalism, which in the end led me to a piece of the bible. So I decided to read more about the bible, and landed at the story about Adam and Eve: the rejection of paradise. Then I found this paragraph:
”they had grown thin. There was nothing green yet to eat. Adam’s physical splendor faded – his cheeks sunk in, the mark ridges of his rib bones protruded, and his eyes were beleaguered and filled with pain. One day, both of them would disappear into dust, but until then they had to gain their food.” pg. 173, the bible.
It reminded me so much of the consequences of industrialization and capitalism that I decided to visualize it.” 

About the Artist
Judith De Leeuw is a 21 y/o female and international urban artist, based in Amsterdam. She started with spray paint at the age of 15, and became serious about it a couple of years ago. She is best known for her black and white spray paint realism.  

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