Spanish artist Joaquín Vila painted a fascinating new mural in the town of Villaherreros, Palencia, Spain.

About The Mural

The latest mural of Joaquín Vila, aka Juako, represents the identity of the region of “Tierra de Campos”, which is a natural Spanish region, located in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, that extends also into the province of Palencia. The artist take inspiration by the representative elements of the nature, the landscape and the culture of the surroundings. Using both exterior paint and spray, the mural shows a very special bird of the area, known as the Great bustard (Otis tarda), and other elements such as the old wine cellars, cereal fields or the anvil as a symbol of the farrier tradition of the town.

About The Artist

Joaquín Vila aka Juako, is a muralist and illustrator from . He develops his artistic work especially through drawing and mural painting, focusing on the relations between the human being and the natural world and projects of revitalization of rural and natural environments.
He painted murals and did workshops on mural painting in Spain, Germany, Morocco, Colombia and Jamaica, for children, adolescents, youth with functional diversity and youth at risk of social exclusion.
He currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain, making illustrations, painting murals and workshops for kids, about creativity and mural painting.

Joaquín Vila: web | facebook

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