Omer TdK and D-Egon paints a Mural in Milan, Italy

Milan based artists Omer TdK and D-Egon painted a mural that is reminiscent of a 17th-century’s fresco in Milan, Italy.

About The Mural

A 6 meter high mural has been erected near Lambrate Station in Milan by Omer TDK and D-Egon. The two street artists wanted to recreate an old 17th-century’s fresco giving it a contemporary connotation. The result is a suggestive mixture of classical painting and graffiti writing.
The piece is inspired by “Archangel Michael at the Fall of the Rebel Angels” by Luca Giordano, 1666.
“It’s the revisiting of a seventeenth-century opera, more similar to a fresco than a graffiti”, they said.

About The Artists

Omer TDK aka Federico Unia, graduated from the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan, Italy. He has been collaborating with The Bag Art Factory artistic group since 2004. In 2007 he joined the TDK Crew, the historic graffiti group from Milan, which is considered as one of the strongest and deep-rooted collective in the Italian graffiti scene.

D-Egon aka Diego Zuodar, is a graffiti writer, tattoo artist and painter from Milan. He also graduated from the Brera Fine Arts Academy. Fascinated by the writing phenomenon in 1998, he began to draw his first sketch on paper and his first tags, following the culture and attitude of the evolution of lettering. The writing is the component that introduced D-Egon to art. After that, he began to transfer his lettering onto canvas and now he paints not only letters but also many different subjects.

Omer TDK: web | facebook
D-Egon: web
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