In many ways, 2016 was a year of extremes. The world saw a massive wave of political change brought on by right-wing populists in both Europe and the United States. A dizzying number of beloved celebrities took their last breaths. We survived an election that was both hopeful and shocking. We watched in horror the Syrian conflict as innocent civilians paid the price…

And we, at street art united states, had a somewhat active year, as we made an effort to meet up in person with bloggers, gallery owners and street artists that we otherwise knew virtually through our common interests in street art…

There’s no telling what 2017 will bring, but there are a few things we hope to see happening: world peace, less injustice and racism, and more meaningful street art. 

Anyway, we would like to thank YOU, street art lovers, for your continued love and support and would like to share with you Street Art United States’ own top 20 photographs most “LIKED” and “SHARED” by our facebook community.


20 | Artist: Smug
20 | Artist: Smug
19 | Artist: Matt Adnate
18 | Artist: Fabricio Fabo Diaz
17 | Artist: David Zinn
16 | Artist: Peeta
15 | Artist: Smug
14 | Artist: Sav45
13 | Artists: Pichi&Avo
12 | Artist: Unknown
11 | Artists: David Walker & Base23
10 | Artist: Dan Kitchener
09 | Artist: Akse P19 Crew
08 | Artist: Maria
07 | Artist: Jose Luis Noriega
06 | Artist: WD Street Art
05 | Artist: Frukty
04 | Artist: Bane
03 | Artist: Steve Locatelli
02 | Artist: Smug
01 | Artists: Cheone & Mor
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